Icon component in Bolt

Icon. Part of the Bolt “Components” CSS framework that powers the Bolt Design System.

Install via NPM
npm install @bolt/components-icon
  {% include "@bolt-components-icon/icon.twig" with {
  name: "add-open",
  background: "circle",
  size: "medium",
} only %}

Note: when assigning component props as HTML attributes on a web component, make sure to use kebab-case.

Prop Name Description Type Default Value Option(s)

A Drupal-style attributes object with extra attributes to append to this component.

name *

Icon name.

  • academy, add-open, add-solid, agile, app-development, app-exchange, arrow-left, asset-data, asset-infographic, asset-interactive, asset-link, asset-media, asset-podcast, asset-presentation, asset-text, asset-video, bolt-logo-colored, brand-operations, calendar, careers, case-management, chart-bar, check, check-circle, check-solid, chevron-down, chevron-left, chevron-right, chevron-up, close, close-circled, close-open, close-solid, cloud, co-browse, communications, copy-to-clipboard, credit-card, customer-decision-hub, customer-onboarding, customer-service, data-integrations, documentation, download, email, energy, entertainment, exclamation, exit-full-screen, external-link, eye, eye-off, face-happy, face-sad, facebook, facebook-solid, field-service, field-service-gray, filter, financial, full-screen, github, global, government, healthcare, hospitality, industries, info-open, info-solid, insurance, integration, intelligent-virtual-assistant, java, knowledgebase, launchpad, life-sciences, linkedin, linkedin-solid, lock, manufacturing, map-pin, map-pin-solid, marketing, marketing-gray, menu, minus-open, minus-solid, mobility, more, omni-channel, partners, pencil, platform, podcast, print, product, product-delivery, refresh, reporting, retail, robo-auto, sales-automation, scalability, search, share, star-solid, support, system-admin, training, transportation, twitter, twitter-solid, unlock, upload, user, user-interface, video, vision, warning, watch, workforce-intelligence, youtube-solid

Background shape. This applies only to 'xlarge' icons.

  • circle or square

Icon size.

  • small, medium, large, xlarge

Icon color. Currently only support default (black) and teal.

  • teal or blue